All photography provided by Tyler Sumrall

 My name is Tyler. I'm a 19 year old fresh out of high school with a passion for all things photography. My second love which is action sports catapulted me into the art of sports photography.  I have always been into both filming and taking pictures of my buddies riding, skating and boarding ever since i can remember. It wasn't until the summer of 2012 that i decided to really get seriously about photography. That summer, I decided to pick up a camera and really learn the art of  photography. It was my uncle who provided me with my first DSLR camera and after a few lessons with him I was off and running. I immediately fell in love with photography. I started enrolling in many multimedia classes at my high school and was able to become quite good at photography. Since that old DSLR camera my uncle gave me, I have upgraded to a professional grade DSLR to further my skills. A while back I got an idea and decided to talk to a good friend that owns a t-shirt printing company about putting my images/designs on some t-shirts. That is where CienaMedia came into development. Between my work and my colleagues skills and resources, I began to print my images/designs onto premium clothing. 


My Mission

It is my desire to share my love of photography and fashion with the world. I believe that I can build CienaMedia into a household brand that is seen all around the globe. 

What We've Achieved

  • Crowd Funded on Kickstarter
  • Within a few months of Kickstarter had sold over 50+ shirts
  • Developed two videos for
  • Currently working on some designs for Upright clothing and “Prison Families Aftercare INC.”
  • Mind behind " The 13Project" benefit for TLD/Red Bull KTM sponsored rider    Jessy Nelson
  • More to come...